Ben Levitt

Ben is a seasoned political strategist with over a decade of experience in federal, provincial, and municipal politics.

Ben served three senior Ontario Cabinet ministers in the Ford government for nearly four years, with his responsibilities spanning communications, issues management and stakeholder relations. This included stakeholder management for the Minister of Health during the first year of the pandemic. Ben also navigated evolving pandemic response policies and complex government processes as Director of Stakeholder Relations for both the Minister of Government and Consumer Services and the Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction.

Before joining government, Ben dedicated over a decade to local politics and political campaigns – including running as a PC candidate in Hamilton, his home town, in 2018. Ben also worked for a Conservative Party of Canada Member of Parliament for several years and played critical roles as a regional organizer for both the federal and provincial Conservative parties.

With Ben’s extensive experience holding senior leadership roles in both the CPC and PC parties over the last 10+ years, coupled with his deep external stakeholders relationships, Ben knows how to align stakeholder interests with government objectives and navigate successful outcomes.