Building alliances, shaping policy outcomes & executing tailored strategies isn’t just what we do – it’s who we are

How We Help

From sectoral transformation to regulatory change, infrastructure investments, policy development, and market strategy, we’re in it to make a difference — not just for our clients, but for our communities.

We’re innovators… coalition-builders… strategists… and advisors whose integrity has earned the trust of leaders and changemakers across Canada and the world. It’s a privilege – and a responsibility – we take seriously.

We work with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, NGOs, VCs and others across sectors including Financial Tech, Health/Life Sciences, the Shared/Mobile Economy, Alcohol, Cannabis, and Sports and Entertainment.

We help them manage the issues of the day effectively, develop and execute long-term plans for strategic impact and influence, and shape or reshape policy, legislative, and regulatory environments.

Government Relations & Advocacy

We help our clients engage with and navigate government.

With access to unmatched insight and intelligence and relationships built on trust, we connect the dots, develop innovative policy solutions, find alignment, and move projects over the finish line — from sector modernization and transformation to market access and product listing agreements.

Strategic Communications

The right narrative, communicated in the right way, at the right time, is essential for effective advocacy and influence.

We help organizations from all types of backgrounds develop messages that speak to government, establish trust with key stakeholders and politicians, and mobilize around common policy goals

Grassroots Mobilization

The most effective government relations initiatives are those that work channels both inside and outside of government.

We help clients map and track strategic influencers and power brokers, and leverage relationships with pivotal thought leaders to activate, engage, and align stakeholders on specific, mutually-beneficial policy proposals.

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