Toronto, ON, April 25, 2017 – Rebecca Grundy, former Queens Park staffer and advisor to Patrick Brown, has joined Stosic & Associates as a Senior Associate.

Aleks Stosic, Founder and CEO of the Toronto-based government relations and strategic communications firm, highlighted the strengths Grundy brings to the firm:

“This is somebody who has the ear of the leadership both federally and provincially. She’s extremely trusted in the Progressive Conservative camp, but she’s also highly connected and trusted across partisan lines. She also knows the larger ecosystem of influencers and power brokers outside of politics. Rebecca understands industry objectives, knows where government wants to go, and is able to position policy instruments and arguments in such a way that the two support one another.”

Grundy has held key roles with Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party, working as a regional organizer for the 2014 General Election, and most recently serving as Director of Caucus Relations and Tour to current Leader of the Official Opposition, Patrick Brown. During her time in Queen’s Park, Rebecca formed strong relationships on all sides of the house, establishing herself as a trusted and respected player in Canada’s political landscape.

Since moving into consulting, Grundy has worked with diverse clients including Fortune 500 companies, startups and NGOs across industries. A skilled strategist, her campaigns focus on in-depth analysis and positioning, relationship building, advocacy, and community relations.

Grundy has worked with one of Canada’s largest domestic beer companies to successfully shape taxation, environmental and alcohol policy, helped clients in the pharmaceutical industry to increase public reimbursement of innovative drugs, and her work in the energy sector supported the development of Ontario’s Northwestern Transmission Line.

This is Stosic & Associates’ second major hire this year, having brought Henry Boyd on board as Principal in March. These moves position the firm as a leader in Canada’s government relations world, as they work with clients in sectors set to experience seismic shifts in the coming months and years.

About Stosic & Associates:

Stosic & Associates is one of Canada’s leading independent government advocacy and strategic communications firms, offering boutique, hands-on services that are fully customized to each client’s unique circumstances, objectives, and desired positioning.

S&A works with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, NGOs, VCs and others across sectors including Financial Tech, Health/Life Sciences, the Shared/Mobile Economy, Alcohol, Cannabis, and Sports and Entertainment to deliver sectoral transformation and regulatory change, capital investments, policy development, and market strategy.

Stosic & Associates helps large and small clients across industries manage the issues of the day effectively, develop and execute long-term plans for strategic impact and influence, and shape or reshape policy, legislative, and regulatory environments.


Aleks Stosic
Stosic & Associates