Toronto, ON, January 11, 2022 – Ben Levitt, former Queen’s Park Advisor to three Cabinet Ministers, Campaign War Room Strategist to the Conservative Party of Canada and former Progressive Conservative candidate has joined Stosic & Associates as a Senior Associate.
During his time inside government, Ben was a core advisor to the Minister of Health on the Province’s evolving Covid-19 response policies during the first year of the pandemic. His performance working in such a politically charged and complex environment caught the attention of the Premier’s Office, who subsequently appointed him as the lead of communications, issues management, and stakeholder relations for the Minister of Government and Consumer Services and the Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction.
“We’re elated to have such a trusted and seasoned Conservative advisor from the Ford administration join our team. Ben’s role in counselling multiple Cabinet ministers on critical communications and managing a wide array of stakeholders has rewarded him with a deep understanding of industry objectives, and the practical know-how of how to shape those objectives to meet the needs of government”, said Aleks Stosic, President & CEO at S&A.
Previous to his time working at Queen’s Park, Ben worked for more than a decade as a central cog in a wide array of federal and provincial Conservative political campaigns across Canada, and made his own 2018 run as a PC candidate in Hamilton, his home town. His deep experience positioned him as a regional organizer for top Conservative brass. Ben also worked for a Member of Parliament for several years.

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